I.M.A. srl is one of the leading company of the Bertolino’ s group.
Founded in 1982 started its activity by handling and storing alcohol in its coastal warehouse located in Trapani just in front of the harbor, to which its tank terminal is connected through two underground pipelines for the operations of loading/unloading of vessels.
In 1990, the Company decided to invest in the construction of the biggest molecular sieve’s plant, first one in Italy, for the production of dehydrated alcohol at 99,9%vol.: the so called “BIOETHANOL”. The production capacity of the plant was 300 cbm/day.
Since then, the company has enlarged its capacity by doubling its production and storage, and today it encounters two dehydration plants of 300/cbm/day each, for a total of 600/cbm/day, and a storage capacity of 36.000 cbm all in stainless steel inside its Trapani’s warehouse.

The key success factor lies on having anticipated the idea that “BIOETHANOL”would have become the “fuel of the future”!

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