I.M.A. s.r.l. is one of Bertolino’s Group leading companies with a longtime focus on sustainable innovation, bioethanol production, and chemicals logistics.

Founded in 1982, I.M.A. started handling and storing alcohol in its coastal warehouse in Trapani. The warehouse is located right in front of the harbor, where two underground pipelines connected to the tank terminal allow high-volume loading/unloading of vessels.

In 1990, I.M.A. established itself as the leading Italian bioethanol production facility by constructing the biggest Italian molecular sieve’s plant for the production of dehydrated alcohol at 99,9%vol. The original production capacity was 300 CBM / day.

Since then, the company has further enhanced its operations by doubling its production capacity to 600 CBM / day with the addition of a second dehydration plant and raising its storage capacity to 36.000 CBM using exclusively stainless steel tanks.

Today, I.M.A. is a sustainable leader in the production and supply of “BIOETHANOL”: and a strategic chemical logistic operator in the Mediterranean Sea.

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