Bioethanol is ethyl alcohol from agricultural origin.

It is widely used on a world base blended with gasoline because in its composition with no water content (Dehydrated Alcohol at 99.9°) strongly contributes to the reduction of Co2’ emissions. (up to 90%).

The Bioethanol therefore is a green and renewable fuel as it is produced from biomass.

The Bioethanol produced by IMA has a water content of less than 1% and reply to the needs of Italian and European refineries either for the direct blending and for the production of ETBE.

imabiofuels_riduzioni-inquinamento-co2Ima’ s bioethanol is also considered “double counting” as produced from wine by-products (grape marc and wine-lees), and in terms of rewarding, it is recognized a double value in terms of mandatory targets on biofuels’ consumption (reference to Art. 33 DL n° 28/2011)

In addition, referring to the recent legislation approved in Italy (DL 10/10/2014), the bioethanol produced by IMA is also considered an “advanced biofuel” belonging to the so called “second generation” which differs from the first one as the bioethanol is produced from residual non food biomass or from by-products.


..Bioethanol is therefore a green and renewable fuel as it is produced from biomass.

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