Bioethanol is Dehydrated ethyl alcohol at 99.9° produced from agricultural raw materials. It is a renewable green fuel that is widely used blended with gasoline as it strongly contributes (90%+ Co2 saving) to the reduction of carbon emissions within the transport industry.

The high-quality Bioethanol produced by I.M.A. has a <1% water content and meets the needs of Italian and European refineries for direct blending and for production of ETBE.


I.M.A.’s bioethanol, due to its raw materials’ origin (grape marc and wine-lees), does not interfere with the food-chain. Therefore, the product is considered “advanced” in terms of sustainability according to the RED II (Renewable Energy Directive).

I.M.A. currently provides bioethanol to several major European refineries and, thanks to its strategical warehouse, it is always ready to supply its product worldwide in bulk.


Bioethanol is a green and renewable fuel as it is produced from biomass.

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