I.M.A. is a recognized  warehouse accredited by the Minister of Navigation as coast warehouse on navigation’ s maps.
I.M.A. has also been the first plant in Italy to be recognized by the European Community under art. 92 of Reg. CE n° 1623/2000.
Its total storage capacity is of 36.000 cubic meters made up of 26 stainless steel tanks directly connected through two pipelines to the quay of the port and to the production’s plants.
Its unique position, in the center of the Mediterranean sea, represents the only shipping lane for vessels coming from the black sea heading to the strait of Gibraltar and vice versa,and together with its strategic position in Italy, allow IMA to rapidly answer to the different customer’s needs, by insuring punctual  and trustful deliveries  by vessel, thanks to the experience acquired during the years.
Bioethanol is stored in dedicated tanks, others than the ones used for the raw alcohol to process. Pumping rate, loading/unloading vessels, is of 300/cbm/Hour, and port’s access is granted for all types of vessels with 8 meters draft max, which operate under inert conditions in order to answer to all the safety   measures required by Trapani’ s port.

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