I.M.A. offers both short and long-term storage services of chemical liquids in its coastal warehouse near Trapani’s port. The warehouse allows for loading/unloading of vessels and trucks. The main product handled is ethanol.
The storage capacity is 36.000 CBM divided into 26 stainless steel tanks. The terminal is directly connected to the port with 2 pipelines which allow for fast loading/unloading of vessels at a rate of 300 /CBM / hour. All the vessels with a draft of 7.5 meters SSW can access the port.
Thanks to its strategic positioning at the Mediterranean Sea’s center and to its year-long experience in logistic operations, I.M.A. is able to meet the needs of its clients by assuring both timely deliveries and safe storage of chemicals.
The warehouse is recognized by the Italian Minister of Navigation and it is regularly mentioned in the navigation maps.

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