A green future

Advanced bioethanol

I.M.A. is the Italian leader in the production and commercialization of bioethanol. For years, it has significantly contributed to the reduction of carbon emissions and to the promotion of a circular economy. I.M.A.’s product is classified as “advanced” as it is produced from the distillation of wine lees and grape marc (raw materials for the production of advanced green fuels -Attachment IX RED II-Renewable Energy Directive).


IMA biofuels grafico incremento bioetanolo 2024


Co2 emissions savings

In 2022, the contribution of sustainable bioethanol led to a reduction of more than 78,4% on average of greenhouse gases at European level.Furthermore, year by year, the use of bioethanol with gasoline has led to an increasing reduction of average Co2 emissions, as illustrated in the two graphs.

Respecting the environment

It is clear that both Europe and Italy must undertake tangible actions to safeguard the environment and fight climate change. In this light, the use of sustainable bioethanol to reduce CO2 emissions within the transportation industry is an incredibly important tool which is already being adopted and which will be used even more in the years to come.

Finally, the EU established a 14% target of renewable energy use within the transportation industry by 2030, and Italy’s intention is to go beyond by reaching a more ambitious 22% target. Thus, the use of sustainable bioethanol will be a priority in the next decade (2030) and will play a crucial role to meet the ultimate long-term goal of zero climate impact by 2050.

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ima biofuels - alcofiamma-prodotti

To guarantee and certify bioethanol’s sustainability, I.M.A. has enrolled in the most recognized voluntary certification amongst those accepted by the EU: The International Sustainability and Carbon Certification (ISCC-EU).

ISCC is an international certification valid in all 27 member states of the European Union. To meet the requirements of the 2009/28/EC legislation, all the production phases of sustainable fuels must be certified with the above-mentioned system.

Additionally, I.M.A. has established an additional control system with 2BSbs certification standards to further meet the needs of various international markets.